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Information details

Environmental information disclosure form of Binxian sewage treatment plant in July

Environmental information disclosure form of Binxian sewage treatment plant in July

Basic unit information

Unit name

Binxian branch of Longjiang Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd

Organization code


Unit address

200m east of zhangjuntun bridge, Sijiqing village, Binzhou Town, Bin County, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

geographical position

East longitude 126 degrees 55 minutes, north latitude 45 degrees 30 minutes

Legal representative

He Dawei

Postal Code

one hundred and fifty thousand and four hundred

Person in charge of Archives

An Chun Lei

contact number

thirteen billion one hundred and fourteen million five hundred and six thousand six hundred and sixty-three

Industry category

sewage disposal

mail box

production cycle

365 days

Pollution source management level

National key pollution sources

Company profile

Binzhou sewage treatment Co., Ltd. was built in 2012, with a design capacity of 2 million tons. It was put into trial operation in July 2013 and passed the acceptance on December 26, 2013 (receiving unit: Binxian water supply and drainage company).
From September 1, 2018, Longjiang Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. was commissioned to operate. (Binxian branch of Longjiang Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd.)
The effluent index reaches the national class B standard.

entry name

Main products and production scale

Production technology

Types of pollutants discharged

Binxian branch of Longjiang Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd

In July, 15776 tons of sewage were treated

CASS Process (activated sludge process)

domestic sewage

Location of sewage outlet

Ultraviolet disinfection room

Name of water pollutant

Prescribed emission limits

Actual emission concentration

Emission standards implemented

Discharge standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant (GB 18918-2002) class I B




Sewage testing items

Cod, SS, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, pH

Ammonia nitrogen



Design daily treatment capacity (10000 tons)


Total nitrogen



Actual daily water treatment capacity (10000 tons)

one point one eight

Total phosphorus



Discharge mode

Intermittent drainage




Discharge destination

Pennsylvania River



seven point two one

Self monitoring time

Every 2 hours, 24 hours a day

Water intake monitoring position

Pretreatment room

Sewage discharge mode

Intermittent drainage

Sewage discharge direction

Penn River

Solid and liquid (hazardous) waste discharge information

Name of solid and liquid (dangerous)

Category of solid waste

Hazardous waste No


Transfer volume


Disposal or recovery

Laboratory waste liquid and on-line instrument waste liquid

Laboratory waste liquid


200kg / year

Kg / year


Treated by Heilongjiang Yunshui Environmental Technology Service Co., Ltd


Excess sludge produced by CASS tank



Kg / month


Handled by Heilongjiang longneng Weiye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Environmental monitoring information

Monitoring mode

Entrusted monitoring, manual monitoring and automatic monitoring

Name of entrusted monitoring organization

Heilongjiang Kerui environmental testing Co., Ltd

Location map of monitoring points

Enterprise monitoring point bitmap link

Self monitoring scheme

Link to electronic version of self monitoring scheme

Annual monitoring report

Link to electronic version of annual monitoring report

Reasons for not self monitoring


Manual monitoring result data

Link to electronic version of daily monitoring results form

Automatic monitoring result data

Information release platform for environmental self detection of key monitoring enterprises in Heilongjiang Province

Construction and operation information of sewage treatment facilities

Name of treatment facilities

Commissioning date

Treatment process

Design processing capacity

Actual capacity

Running time


Binxian branch of Longjiang Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd

December 2013

CASS technology

20000 tons / day

15776 tons / day

24 hours / day


EIA and other administrative licensing information

Name of administrative license

Project file name

Production or approval unit

Document number

Content description

Approval of feasibility study

On the skin of environmental impact report form of sewage treatment plant and drainage pipe network project in Binzhou Town, Binxian County

Heilongjiang environmental protection department

Hhjs [2008] No. 158

If necessary, contact the unit and provide copies according to the application.

Operation approval

Approval on the trial operation of Binzhou sewage treatment plant

Heilongjiang Environmental Supervision Bureau

Heihuan Jianshi [2012] No. 164

If necessary, contact the unit and provide copies according to the application.

Emergency information of environmental emergencies

Emergency plan for environmental emergencies

Link of safety emergency plan for Binzhou sewage treatment plant in Binxian County

Environmental risk assessment

     According to the material risk index and the toxicity of various substances, the risk hazards are the excess sludge produced in the production process and the waste liquid produced by the laboratory and on-line instruments.

     According to the company's regulations, the waste liquid can be transferred to the company's warehouse for disposal, and the waste liquid can be treated in accordance with the company's regulations The environmental impact is acceptable.

Environmental risk prevention

Correctly deal with local or regional environmental pollution accidents caused by sudden environmental pollution, ecological damage and other reasons, ensure that the site emergency treatment and disposal can be carried out quickly and effectively when the accident occurs, so as to protect the life and property safety of the plant area, surrounding environment and residential area, and prevent sudden environmental pollution accidents.

Disposal of environmental emergencies

No environmental emergency

Environmental information certification

Name of Certification Project

Certification unit

Certification time

Certification results

Certification document number

Enterprise environmental protection credit evaluation

  Environmental Protection Bureau of XXX city

  Year of XXX


xxx Huanfa [2008]  xx No

ISO14001 environmental management system certification

  XXX Environmental Certification Center

   Year of XXX

Cleaner production audit

XXX annual environmental certification center

Other environmental information

Annual environmental violations


Recycling of waste products

Hazardous waste liquid is transferred to qualified Heilongjiang Yunshui Environmental Technology Service Co., Ltd. for standardized treatment.

Pay sewage charges (tax) situation


Performance of social responsibility

We should take social responsibility, protect blue water and blue sky, treat the incoming sewage with quality and quantity, and make contribution to the treatment of Binzhou river.

Environmental protection policy and annual environmental protection target and effect

About 5.11 million tons of water will be treated annually.

Environmental protection investment and environmental technology development